Unsung Heroes!

Unsung Heroes!

We live in the era where we celebrate different days dedicated to our families, friends, loved ones, teachers and doctors. We owe much of our lives to them as they have direct impact on our life. Being a social animal we are bound to respect our families, friends and professionals like doctors, soldiers, policemen, firefighters, journalists for saving our lives, keeping us aware and protecting us. Yet there is a breed of unsung heroes making our life so much comfortable without demanding any recognition.

You face an emergency situation and without hesitation you pick up your cellular phone and make an SOS call and within a few moments Emergency Response units are at your exact location. Your area is hit by a natural disaster, but within a few hours all the lifesaving organizations are on a well-coordinated mission to save people. Not only this, news channels start broadcasting live from the location keeping everyone around the globe aware of the situation. Your family is in New York and you are on a business trip to Hong Kong and it’s your daughter’s birthday, no worries, you just pick up your smart phone and make her day with a video call. Going on a vacation to Bahamas! book your flights, reserve hotel room and rent a car just by sitting on your office desk. When you reach your destination you drive the rented car right from the airport and using GPS you roam about in the city you had never been to like you lived there for decades. You can climb the summits of Everest or K2 without any hesitation even though there is no cellular coverage but you have your satellite phone with you, nothing beats tweeting from top of the world.

Can we imagine going back even a couple of decades? Internet and cellular communication has become a basic need of our lives. We easily browse Wikipedia for anything we need to know or we simply Google it from anywhere in the world. Just take out a moment and think that there are thousands of people at the back making it the way it is. Yes my friend the professionals of telecommunication technology working round the clock to make our lives easier moment by moment. They are the scientists, researchers, engineers, technicians and riggers working to develop gadgets, software, rolling out & connecting networks and keeping them operational 24×7 sacrificing their own personal and social lives. They are always there to spread your smiles and wipe your tears. Take a moment and imagine a world without internet, audio/video calling, online video streaming, live news and sports broadcasts, ATM, online shopping, Google, twitter, Facebook.

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  1. muhammad awais
    3533 days ago

    Nice. No doubt the role of telecom professionals and engineers is really acknowledge able..

  2. Nouman Khan (@a_guy_nextdoor)
    3533 days ago


    World has no idea how hard-working them engineers are and how are they working 24×7 to keep things not only in work but to advance the technology.

    Please keep writing.

  3. Farhan
    3533 days ago

    Industry is so big that workers are hidden behind it,,,,,

  4. Ali Imran
    3533 days ago

    So True ……totally agree with you Furqan.

  5. Humayune Khalid
    3533 days ago

    Great blog!
    I am proud of you. Interestingly, during Musharraf era A world Telecom day was announced in Pakistan. PTA under GEN Shahzada Alam got the worlds best telecom regulator award.

  6. Muhammad Furqan
    3533 days ago

    Thank you brothers for reading my article and giving encouraging feedback. Sir Humayune it’s all because of mentoring and guidance of seniors like yourself.

  7. Junaid Imtiaz
    3533 days ago

    Excellent Article

  8. Sadeed
    3532 days ago

    Very true, world is quick to embrace but slow to acknowledge.

  9. Salman
    3532 days ago

    Very well put !

  10. S M Tayyab
    3532 days ago

    A nice effort in acknowledgment of that workforce which
    works behind the scene

  11. Kashif Hanif
    3528 days ago

    A Tribute for Telecomers.

    Please keep writing. Thanks

  12. Muhammad Hassan
    3527 days ago

    Very well written! Indeed great words of expressions.

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