• 6G, 7G Mobile Communications and LEO-HTS Constellations: A keen follower with considerable knowledge, and technical analyst of the development of future communications of 6th and 7th generation mobile communications through upcoming LEO-HTS (Lower Earth Orbit – High Throughput Satellites) constellations of more than 10,000 satellites from OneWeb (Virgin Group, Qualcomm, Softbank), SpaceX, Boeing, LeoSat and possibly Opinions, analysis, and an interview published at multiple international platforms.
  • Exponential Data Growth and Network Limitations: With introduction and initial deployment of futuristic technologies, including but not limited to; IoT, Cloud Computing, Cloud Storage, AI, VR, Video Streaming, HD/UHD/4K Broadcasting, Robotics, Drones etc. data generated and communicated is experiencing exponential growth. Existing communication networks (wired & wireless) and even upcoming 5G networks won’t be able to sustain this growth, resulting in data congestion and connecting every household item, automobiles, commercial venture, industrial units to the internet can cause serious security concerns. Currently researching on addressing the development in communication networks to handle the data growth efficiently with data security. An interview is also under publication.
  • Australia’s Space Program and Communication Network Infrastructure: Analyzing more than late entrance of Australia in Global Space Race and failure of communication networks at national level. These two topics may not seem to be interrelated but they aren’t separable either. Comparing internet in Australia with that of Kenya is a reality and our national network rollout has been termed a ‘Train-wreck’ by the PM. Our space program may face similar outcomes if not planned and executed smartly. Currently working on possibilities of covering the humongous gap of delay our Space Industry faces as well as making the national communication networks deliver best possible services to end users with minimum CAPEX.
  • One Belt, One Road and China’s Space Policy: The Belt Road Initiative trade route plan and a proposed ‘Space Information Corridor’ along the routes in China’s 1st time made-public Space Policy. The information corridor will be providing communication, navigation, security and safety service to the trade routes, which will cover almost 60% of the countries of the world. Opinion and analysis published at multiple international platforms and some are submitted, awaiting publication.
  • Startups: Worked on multiple successful as well as ‘unable to see light of the day’ startups. Imagination à Idea à Innovation à Iterate lifecycle was the soul behind every brainchild generated through; teamwork, responsibility, patience, motivation, and creativity.
  • Independent Extraterrestrial Network: Created the concept of a completely independent extraterrestrial network consisting of interconnected geostationary satellites and lower earth orbit high throughput satellites in the form of multigrid network, with global coverage to complement terrestrial network infrastructures. The proposed network will have all the attributes of any given network with better network security and eliminates possibility of any human intervention error. The concept with multiple possibilities has already been presented and published at different platforms.
  • Technology and Environment: Currently working on the invisible and inaudible pollution created by wireless transmissions (read: Radiation) on human life as well as flora and fauna. What are considerable effects the unavoidable development in wireless transmissions and how to minimize them. Similarly, working on a concept of ‘Internet of Trees’ for high magnitude plantation of trees across the globe utilizing the technology.
  • Creativity: Assessing and researching different technical challenges and analyzing them as an engineer as well as an artist. Transforming some of them into comics, concept art, punchlines etc.