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An Expression
of Gratitude!

It’s a privilege to be connected

It has been a great honor to be a part of your professional network. Due to limited time and lots of people to meet, we may not have interacted properly at CABSAT 2016, Dubai. Still we belong to the same ecosystem of life called ‘Satellite Communication Industry’. It is a small industry but with its global reach it is destined to grow and develop every passing moment.

Induction of LEO HTS will change the horizons of satellite communication considerably and their launch is not a fiction anymore. The biggest benefit of the small size of our industry we mostly know each other, we may have worked together or had a customer ←→ service provider relation or both with different time periods. These relations we have make this industry a global family and we look forward to such events as festivals to celebrate at our own.

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‘Near Future of Satellite Communication’
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Downfall of an Empire
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Challenges & Advantages of the Extraterrestrial Network

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‘Wireless Competition’
!!! OPEN !!!
Kindly participate
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Are multisatellite systems LEO-HTS: "disruptive innovation” in the field of satellite communications or bubble? (Russian)
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The immediate future of satellite communication (Russian)

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Keynote Speaker

VSAT Mobility 2014 Hong Kong
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